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Butet Full-leather saddle

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The full leather sports saddle, which is iconic of the Butet range with its pure and elegant design, ensures perfect harmony between the rider and the horse. There are no knee rolls or blocks in the smooth-grained leather flaps. This is the very definition of minimalist and balanced riding. The design is entirely customised.


Top-quality leather which is 100% vegetable-tanned

Product lead time:

When designing your saddle, our craftsmen follow a meticulous production process to meet all your requirements. This explains why it will take approximately eight weeks for your exceptional saddle to be prepared.


Grained calf leather. Available in Gold, Cachou or Black. Customisation possible. 16 to 19-inch seat. Wide range of flap sizes.


Care tips

Caring for leather saddles and accessories is essential to ensure they remain beautiful and durable. It is also a matter of safety: while you clean your leather, you take time to inspect your saddle and accessories which can avoid tears, for example.

We advise you to use the Akene product range for the daily care of your leathers.

1. Cleaning your saddle: with a damp sponge and Akene glycerine soap after each use.
2. Nourishing the leather: apply Akene cream with a damp sponge to thoroughly nourish the leather once or twice a month.
3. Restoring shine: Akene oil helps restore shine to dry or damaged leathers. Apply it once or twice a year.


Ta gjerne kontakt om du er interessert i å kjøpe sal hos oss. Vi booker da time for å finne den rette salen for deg og din hest. 


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