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CWD 2Gs Mademoiselle®

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SE32 S2 TC 3C 

PA 305 905 RT+

21 89811


Sports saddle specifically designed for women.
This more slender and lightweight saddle ensures maximum comfort and precision when working your horse. 

Remove the strain from the pelvis…

If the pelvis is no longer under strain, work is facilitated. The U-shaped flat seat and use of foam at the front of the saddle and at ischial level perfectly adopt the female morphology to provide unbeatable comfort.


…And from the horse’s back

The wide opening of the Dynamick® saddle tree frees the horse’s movement when jumping. Every element of the assembly (stirrups bars, seat, etc) is inserted directly onto this framework. The panel screws are now integrated in the panels to improve the fit of the saddle on the horse's back. Contact is therefore at its maximum.


Did you know?

In order to keep their spine straight, women have to tip their pelvis further forward than men, thereby shifting their centre of gravity. They therefore sit further forward on their pubic bone which touches the saddle. This position can cause pain in the pubic symphysis. If the saddle is not padded at this level, women riders have to compensate by stooping to find their balance further back on the saddle.


2Gs Mademoiselle®

So many reasons to want it.

  • Dynamick®  saddle tree for women
  • Slimline design
  • Lightweight
  • Customized piping and stirrup leather keeper
  • Slim twist for optimum contact
  • Foam-padded seat for greater comfort in the perineal ischial region
  • Flexible flaps for easy girthing
  • Panel screws integrated into the panels, no added thickness
  • 100% vegetal tanned leather


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