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The beginnings of Equine 74

In 2011, our inbound marketing agency Dietz & Consorten was commissioned by the Irish government organization Enterprise Ireland to develop a marketing and sales concept for the launch of a supplementary feed for horses..

Scientific studies on the effect of Equine 74 Gastric (at that time the brand name was EquiMinPlus) were available, in practical tests the scientific results were confirmed by numerous riders (leisure riders, stallion stations, Olympia winners and veterinarians).

Enterprise Ireland withdrew from direct processing after being commissioned, but was always active in an accompanying capacity and direct contact and exchange with the Irish manufacturer began.

The project was started with great euphoria. Through the active consultation of us - often resulting from the practical tests at friendly riding stables, breeders and riders, decisive further developments could be made to Equine 74 Gastric itself (dosage form, taste and acceptance).

The above-mentioned practical tests were very positive and individual horse owners specifically asked where they could buy the product.

During the numerous coordination meetings and visits to Ireland, the owner as well as the director approached us with the idea of taking over the distribution, initially for the most important market in Europe - Germany.


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