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Bilde av Chevinal 2,5liter Foran
Bilde av Chevinal 5 liter Foran
Bilde av Crib-Halt Gel - 2 kg
Bilde av Crib-Halt Gel - 500g
Bilde av Foran B-Complete - 1 liter
Bilde av Foran B-Complete - 2,5 liter
Bilde av Foran B-Complete - 5 liter
Bilde av FORAN Kentucky Karron Oil  - ...
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Founded in 1974, Foran Equine is a pioneering name in the equine supplement industry. As a subsidiary of the reputable Foran Healthcare Limited brand, Foran Equine has always strived to produce an elite range of supplements that meet human- and pharmaceutical-grade standards while satisfying the needs of our equine customers.

Our unwavering commitment to in-depth scientific research and development has allowed us to become a market leader in specialised equine healthcare and performance nutrition.

In 2013, we joined forces with Connolly’s RED MILLS as part of our commitment to being at the forefront of supporting the nutrition and performance needs of horses in the most comprehensive way possible.

Foran Equine’s innovative range of over 60 products is widely accessible in more than 50 countries around the globe and is specifically formulated to boost health and optimise performance in horses. Our in-house multi-disciplinary team leads the development of our scientifically formulated products backed by more than 45 years of research and development to meet the needs of horses across various disciplines.