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About Kingsland Equestrian

More than twenty years ago, Kingsland Equestrian was born from the heart of a true equestrian. Noticing that most riding wear brands didn’t consider the rigors of equestrian sport - and that those that did overlooked design - Lin Kingsrød took it upon herself to create one of the first high-quality, functional, and beautifully designed brand for the avid equestrian.

Twenty-two years later, Kingsland is a world leader in equestrian sport and lifestyle apparel and, to this day, creates attire with quality, functionality, and design first in mind. 

A Norwegian brand, Kingsland has a reputation for stunning yet practical attire, blending classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design - truly drawing on Norway’s minimalism and nature-inspired attitude.

As a company, we are powered by equestrians and live a horsey lifestyle each and every day. Surrounded by the horses and sport we so love, our inspiration and creativity truly is fueled by horses and is an integral part of who we are.

We always keep this in mind as we honor the classic equestrian style, season after season, with high-quality materials and exclusive designs for all equine aficionados and their magnificent mounts.

As a company dedicated to outdoor pursuits, Kingsland prides itself on being mindful of environmental impact, with sustainability a priority now and forever.


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