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Race Rubber Wristband 2pcs


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Race Rubber Wristband 2pcs




JuBea was born from the idea of Valeria Morigi (with over 25 years of experience in the head of the family business: Ornella Prosperi S.r.l.) to develop a new line of clothing for the professional jockey.

The designs are thought and produced in team, thanks to the collaboration between famous top jockeys and fashion designers. In this way JuBea offers a modern sportswear and a more captivating technical look for jockey clothes.

The trend motif of JuBea is the curved line, therefore entering the future of jockey apparel with an innovative approach in design. This innovation revolves around the concept of “freedom of movement”, a perfect combination of style and practicality:

  • New highly technical and stretch fabrics ready to smooth the jockey’s body in a daring way
  • New seams designed to create enveloping and soft lines that accompany the movements of the jockey without constraints
  • Ergonomic and aerodynamic garments designed to meet the performance requirements of the jockey
  • Innovative, heat-regulating, antibacterial, light and breathable materials to offer the jockey the maximum comfort

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