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Denis Grazioli - De Montel Exercise Boots

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De Montel training boots are designed with highly technical characteristics and made with waterproof calf leather to ensure a long-lasting durability — and feature sewed sole.

The internal front extremity and the side patch are made of HI-TECH carbon microfiber. The bottom has been created by using the ultimate generation of TPU rubber compound, with the best technical characteristics available on the market.

The same characteristics improve the performance related to the shock absorber and support, allowing an increased comfort, stability and durability where needed. The light weight and flexibility of these exercise boots ensure the rider has less strains on the foot, the leg and the back. These boots offer long durability, absolute reliability and better motion for enhanced performance and security.

Made in Marche, Italy — Denis Grazioli's products are crafted according to a very old artisan tradition that runs within its family of master shoemakers. The quality is the result of very long and meticulous and sophisticated research for the best materials.

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