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Equiline Gemmag Ridesokk

Art.nr: 215-T11327
Vennligst velg


Riding socks made with a breathable, light material. The Gemmag Socks feature Equiline script written along the side in a silver shimmer.

Product Details

  • Quick drying
  • Light, breathable material
  • Equiline script in silver shimmer
  • Machine wash
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 215-T11327

"Equiline is committed every day to creating unique products. Every creation is, for me, like a work of art. Equiline constantly believes in research and development, keeping up with - and often anticipating - market innovations with a pioneering and eco-sustainable vision. The well-being of the horse and the satisfaction of our customers are essential values, as is the respect and care for the environment. Ride into Green is the philosophy that guides all of Equiline's choices" - founder, Paolo Marchetto.

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