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Incrediwear Knee Sleeve


Art.nr: G702
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The Incrediwear Knee Sleeve accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions.

The Knee Sleeve can be worn during and after activity to provide pain relief and post-activity recovery.

For best results, wear the Knee Sleeve to alleviate symptoms associated with: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Joint pain, Sprains and Ligament injuries.


Sizing: Measure the circumference of your thigh 10 cm. above the top of the knee. If your measurement falls in between sizes, choose the smaller size. (Package contains one sleeve) M (30-35 cm) L (35-41 cm) XL (41-51 cm) XXL (51-61 cm)


Vi forsøker lagerføre de menst benyttede størrelser, er produktet ikke på lager vil du få snarlig tilbakemelding ang. leveringstid. 


The magic of Incrediwear lies in its ability not only increase blood circulation, but lymphatic flow as well.
This is what makes this technology a break-through in Equine and Human healthcare.



Unlike compression products, Incrediwear products do not need to compress to work. Instead, our technology incorporates semiconductor elements Germanium & Carbon within our fabric, which when activated by body heat, release negative ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase not only blood circulation, but lymphatic flow as well. Increasing blood flow and speed and lymphatic drainage helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the target area and clear out all the by-products. Thus optimizing the body’s natural healing process and accelerating recovery.


In December of 2008, a near fatal cycling accident threatened to paralyze me for life. I needed a solution, a new way to heal, away to be free from the limitations of inflammation and pain and get back to my active life. That's how I invented Incrediwear technology.

In that sense, Incrediwear is not just wearable technology, it is a lifestyle philosophy.


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