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iPulse girth by ARIONEO

Art.nr: SA22C



Capable of measuring sport horses’ heart rates with near-medical precision, the new iPULSE® connected girth is used in combination with the CWD iSPORT® app. The link between effort and heart rate finally takes form with maximum comfort for the horse.

Connected technology, dedicated to performance and prevention

Data on the horse’s movement and heart rate can now be simultaneously retrieved during training or competition thanks to the iPULSE® girth.


Comfort dedicated to your horses’ well-being

Due to its four-in-one size design (125, 130, 135, 140cm) the iPulse® belly guard girth adapts to the morphology of each horse. The suppleness of the vegetable-tanned leather ensures optimal comfort while the continuous elastic and design reduce pressure.

Patented electrodes mean the horse’s physiology can be monitored during effort.

Alocated within the girth, electrodes overcome the major constraints to recording the horse’s cardiac activity during movement: hair, sweat and vibrations. The heart rate is communicated to a circuit board which is also located within the girth. Data are communicated via Bluetooth® to the CWD iSPORT® app, which synchronises them to correlate effort with heart rate.

iPulse girth by ARIONEO

  • CWD Safetik® System snap hook cover.

  • 3 axis motion sensors.

  • Buckles with rollers fixed onto two layers of elastic for better girthing.

  • Continuous elastic for maximum comfort.

  • Four sizes in 125, 130, 135, 140cm

  • Resistant to humidity

  • 30 hours minimum autonomy

  • Patented electrodes

  • CARDIO LED displaying the heart rate


The CWD iSPORT app

In combination with the iPULSE® girth, this makes the most of your horse’s training programme and controls the horse’s performance and health. Analysis of work. Monitoring of physiological condition. Training protocols and effort tests proposed by vets.

The CWD iSport app is available for iOS devices on the App Store. We hope to have an app for Android devices available soon.


A revolutionary interconnection

By connecting your iJUMP® saddle to your iPULSE® girth, multiple parameters can be displayed according to specific periods of effort. The warm-up phase, recovery before the round, the round itself, and final recovery: each stage can be measured and analysed.