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Red Gorilla Tub Trug

Red Gorilla

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RED GORILLA - best selgere for vannbøtter eller fôr (supre for mash), vedlikeholdsfrie og lette å rengjøre. 

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Red Gorilla

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Red Gorilla


In 1981, we introduced the Equine world to our Tyre Rubber™ product line. They revolutionised stable management, from feeding and watering to more labour intensive tasks like mucking out and clearing the yard, our new skips, mangers, tubs and buckets made yard maintenance easier than ever before. It also had multiple other uses, which we hadn't ever thought of, for the agricultural and construction sectors, too.



In 1995, after the success of our Tyre Rubber™ range, we created the Tubtrug™, the first flexible, two handled tub ever made. A few years later, we rebranded to Gorilla Tubs®, but maintained everything about our tubs that made them great, and they have remained the best and most reliable tubs on the market. They're the original and still the best!

The Small Gorilla Tub® 14L,  previously part of the Tubtrug® range, is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. You can use this tub for everything! The 'golf ball' handles make Gorilla Tub® easy to grip and carry, while the reinforce handle as a whole can take the pressure of even very heavy loads. The sides of the tub a ribbed, to ensure it's strength and durability, and the edges are chamfered to make scooping, sweeping up or pouring even easier. They are also produced using *food-grade LDPE, meaning your Gorilla Tub® is suitable for storing and preparing food in, as well as ensuring they're horse and pet friendly, too. All our tubs are BPA free *excluding Black, Green and Yellow.



S  = Height: 23cm x Diameter: 33cm

M = Height: 30cm x Diameter: 39cm

L =  Height: 33cm x Diameter: 45cm


Bright, built to last and loaded with great features, the 38L Gorilla Tub® is the ‘large’ option within our extensive portfolio of muti-purpose plastic tubs, so it’s suitable for those jobs that need just a bit more capacity.
Previously marketed as Tubtrug®, now re-branded for new and emerging markets and customers, the UK’s first and original plastic tub is both weather resistant and exceptionally strong so capable of managing a range of challenging, heavy-duty tasks.
As with other products in our range, this bigger 38L Gorilla Tub® is designed with our customers in mind. It features easy grip ‘golf ball’ handles, joints that are reinforced to prevent tearing and breaking, even under the most extreme pressure, ribbed sides providing optimum strength and durability, and chamfered edges so scooping, sweeping and pouring are effortless.
Our 38L Gorilla® Tub is a good all-rounder and not out of place in any indoor or outdoor setting. Used by equestrians, builders, DIYers, gardeners, farmers and others, customers delight in their robustness and performance. From feeding animals, mixing cement or render, picking up site rubbish, to tidying, storing and general gardening chores, the Gorilla Tub® won’t let you down.
British designed and made, Gorilla Tubs® are made from a food grade *LDPE (low-density polyethylene), hence it’s suitable for storing and prepping food and entirely non-toxic, so safe for feeding horses and other animals.
Tubs are currently available in 10 vibrant and delightful colours and 8 size options so there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding a product that best fits your individual needs and environment.
Always look out for the Red Gorilla® logo embossed on our Gorilla Tubs®. It’s a visible sign of quality, strength and performance.
*Remember that all our Gorilla Tubs® are BPA free, except in black, green and yellow.

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