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RG Jersey Zip Stevne polo langermet, hvit

Riders Gene

Art.nr: SHW001
Vennligst velg

Langermet konkurransetrøye med feminin passform og vakre detaljer fra Riders Gene.

Laget i stretchteknisk jerseystoff med mesh-innlegg for bedre pusteevne.

Hvit krage med gummilogodetaljer og skjulte trykknapper på kragen for å kombinere design og komfort.

RG konkurransetrøyen er perfekt når du ønsker høy komfort, pusteevne og samtidig se stilig ut


RG Rider's Gene | Official Store


Who is RG? What is the Rider’s Gene?

With great quality materials and excellent care for technical and aesthetic aspects.

Moreover, RG Rider’s Gene offers its clients a customised service from the models to the materials and details to better satisfy their needs and give the personality to what you and your horse wear.

Our Vision is to make you be yourself and express yourself. What you wear does not define you. Express yourself through what you wear.

Our Mission is that we will provide you with a way for your self-expression.



The objective of the company is to create something unique by letting you customise the horse accessories but letting you wear what truly defines you as well.

RG Rider's Gene was born with the possibility to customise everything regarding your partner in crime and this will remain the main part of this new project. The added value has a clothing line which will complete all of the looks.

The newly added clothing collection is for men and women for both training and competition styles and it maintains the match with the horse accessories. It is dynamic, explosive and refined and it can be used as lifestyle clothing.


Be Yourself.
Wear RG Rider’s Gene.

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