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TUCCI TIME Harley Boot's


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Italienske kvalitetsstøvler fra Tucci!
Lærstøvler i mykt, slitesterkt skinn med flotte detaljer. Glidelås bak og elastisk kile langs glidelås for å optimalisere passformen.
Glidelåsen stopper litt før topp av støvelen, noe som hindrer gnagsår bak kne og gjør at glidelåsen ikke utsettes for press. Elastisk toppbånd med innvendig feste til glidelås,
Sporeholder og gummisåle.

Vi har til en hver tid rundt 50 støvler på lager men dessverre ikke mulighet for å ha alle størrelser inne, er valgt størrelse ikke på lager vil du få snarlig beskjed om leveringstid. 

Kontakt oss på butikken@stallhoymyr.no om du trenger hjelp med mål.


With Tucci Time Harley limited edition Scott Brash we have introduced pioneering details, captivating and functional features, like the spur rest sewn onto the heel counter, designed to be functional and stylish at the same time it has 3 adjustment levels. The unconventional piping details, available in different colors, highlight the sleek structure of the boot, making it even more captivating. The result is incredibly flattering and exclusive also thanks to the padded front, signature of Tucci Time Harley collection, developed with accuracy to protect and provide extra comfort in sensitive areas and high stress points and maximum freedom of movement. The innovative design deconstruction cleverly interacts with the bodylines, this is how Harley leather riding boots delivers in terms of both style and functionality.


Details make the difference, starting with the choice of the best materials. Each leather hide has been selected in order to accomplish specific tasks. Special supple leather for the main body of the boot: sturdy yet flexible, this guarantees freedom of movement, extreme wear resistance and superior durability at the same time. The lining is made with premium quality hides, selected from certified farms of Italy and France, treated to enhance the natural beauty through softening procedures. The high absorbency and breathability maintains ideal condition to provide the ultimate soft touch sensation. The glove-like fit improves both feeling and contact with the horse. A second antibacterial insole is always supplied together with the riding boots. For the Tucci Time collection, Franco Tucci has also conceived a new SUPER SOFT version available on all models to fulfil the need of extreme freedom, agility and weightless sensation while riding.


All Tucci Time leather tall boots models have a rear elastic band along the zipper, highly absorbent and breathable, it ensures maximum comfort and encourages a correct heels-down position. Furthermore, the elastic, together with the wide size choice, guarantees the distinctive made-to-measure fit. The padded leather flap protects the heel and helps the foot to smoothly get into the boot shoe. The certified extra strong zippers, as well as the top and bottom protection and functional snap block at the zipper closure, is the safest closing system ever conceived. Scott Brash limited edition has in addition the innovative E-tex panel to guarantee superior wear and tear resistance in key points. Double stitched seams are applied along the stress lines. The featherweight sole with aggressive profile favour a secure, yet comfortable, grip to the stirrup.


Every part is assembled in Italy by skilled artisans working at Franco Tucci.



Franco Tucci is handcrafted riding boots. Design and innovation meets tradition,
the finest materials and precious details - for top performance.

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